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Time, Where Did You Go?

I know I posted a vid in my last entry, but this wonderful Hugh Laurie song sums up my feelings so well:

The one thing I seem to have done successfully the last few days is waste time. I just realized tonight that I mailed a Christmas card and letter to Florida when I should have sent it to Gravenhurst. I, uh, kind of forgot that my dad's cousin and her husband sold their property in Florida and decided to brave Ontario winters from now on. And the really stupid thing is that I thought they might have sold their Florida property, but then decided they must not have because I still had their Florida address in my directory. Well, that was because you obviously forgot to change it, Einstein. *rolls eyes* Thankfully, the letter I wrote is still on my hard drive. I was also able to order six free prints from Kodak (as I earned 50 free prints when I signed up for an online account), so I can replace the lost photos I enclosed with the first Christmas card and letter.

I've also wasted time the last couple of days trying to find a theatre where my mom and I can go see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on Friday. Turns out that it's not going to be released until the 16th (in Canada at least) when I came across at least a few Canadian sites that gave the date as December 9th. Now, I've got to wait over a week when I want to see it NOW, dammit. I only have about 60 pages left to read in the novel as I was determined to finish it in time to see the movie. Looks like I've got loads of time now. *sniff, sniff* Maybe I can keep myself going by watching the remaining episodes of The Sandbaggers (having borrowed the entire series from my mom ages ago) and rewatching Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Hell, I've got a couple of Harry Palmer films too for that matter. And I've got the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy trailer that I've watched at least six or seven times already:

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