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After four whole days, I've finally been reunited with my internet. Bell Canada managed to fuck up all the landlines in my building on Monday while performing "upgrades". Naturally, as Bell caused the problem, the tenants themselves were expected to get in touch with the support helpline and, if necessary, book an appointment with a technician. In my case, it meant having to leave work early to make sure I was in my unit when the technician showed up. Thankfully, the technician was punctual and fixed the problem quickly. Being a grumpy pessimist, I assumed he would be two or three hours late (if he showed up at all), be unable to fix the problem, and try to sell me Bell products. I guess the promotional pamphlet that was wedged in my door was the extent of their sales campaign -- thank Herne.

As I tried to explain to my sister, it's not so much that my phone and internet were down. If I were told they would be down for a couple of days, I would be pissed but generally able to cope. Sort of. No, it was the uncertainty of the whole thing. I hate feeling helpless and I hate being at the mercy of a soulless corporation like Bell. I also suck at coping with stress - any kind of stress. I mean, maybe I could have been more zen about the whole thing if this wasn't the week leading into the second series finale of Sherlock, but I somehow doubt it.
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