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Possibly My Most Insane Fic Idea Yet

I've tried to exorcize it from my brain, but it's been stuck there since Wednesday night when I saw part one of The Truth About Lions on TVO. Naturally, I had a craving for Pride, which I was able to resist (though I think I'll succumb this afternoon). Worse than that, I found myself remembering the fic idea I had the first time I watched Pride. I was able to quash it at the time, but it won't leave me alone now. I want to write a kind of buddy film type fic with Linus (Rupert Graves) and Fleck (Martin Freeman) reuniting after leaving their pride and, after a few bumps in the road, finding a new pride. So, yeah. I'd be writing a fic about lions. Lions. Oh, and just to be absolutely clear, it wouldn't be slash.

Here's a clip of Linus, Fleck and Suki (Kate Winslet) as cubs for those of you who haven't seen Pride:

If I do write this, I'll probably start it on the weekend when I'm staying with my parents. It would be short. I'm guessing 3,000 or 4,000 words at most. I've also made a bargain with myself that I have to get some work done on my original fiction project today if I decide to pursue this insane idea. All the same, I wouldn't mind a second opinion from any flisties out there who have managed to make it this far in my post:

Poll #1831775 Sanity Test (e.g. Should I Or Shouldn't I?)
This poll is closed.

Should I be allowed to write a fic about lions (even if those lions are Rupert Graves and Martin Freeman)?

Absolutely not. If you write this I'll pretend I never knew you.
I think you've seriously *seriously* lost it this time.
Uh, aren't you supposed to be retired?
Why is it always Rupert Graves? Why can't you pick on some other actor?
I'm kind of scared but curious. Write it and let's see what happens.
I think you're nuts, but go for it.
Go, go, go! Olé, olé, olé! Write it now! Olé, olé, olé!
I honestly couldn't care less.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

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