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Ooh-de-lally! I Haz Fic!

I'm thrilled and extremely grateful to grassle for being generous enough to gift her latest story in the My Big Fat Medieval AU series to me! :-D The first chapter of My Big Fat Medieval AU IV: The Howl of Ye Bakerstreete has been posted on LJ and A03 and the story is absolutely brilliant and hilarious so far – not that this is anything new! Oh, OH, OH! And Robin of Sherwood fans might be interested to know that there’s a wonderful reference to our favourite Sheriff, Robert de Rainault! :-D

I feel a bit guilty because I’ve been thinking about recommending the My Big Fat Medieval AU series for a while and have failed to do so until now. Of course, my own meagre words could never truly do this fantastic universe justice. For those of you who haven't read the first three stories in the series (My Big Fat Medieval AU I: A Study in Lincoln Green, My Big Fat Medieval AU II: The County of Saints, and My Big Fat Medieval AU III: The Adventure of the Suntanned Soldiers), I can't recommend them highly enough. Robin of Sherwood fans who are also Sherlock fans would especially enjoy them, but I think just about anyone with a great sense of humour should get a good laugh.

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