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Turn That Frown Upside Down!

According to some British scientist I’ve forgotten the name of, today is supposed to be the worst day of the year. I won’t go into how he came up with this theory because a) I only remember a small part of it and b) I was half asleep at the time because it’s a story I heard on Breakfast Television. Anyway, despite the fact that this is a bitterly cold Monday, I’ve been having a pretty good day so far. One of my co-workers gave me a chocolate truffle from the box she received for her birthday, and my wonderful, generous, exquisite muse paid me a visit this morning and helped me with a flashback scene I’ve been struggling with for my current fic. In fact, I have such an amazing and fantastic muse, that she gave me ideas for two other scenes as well! O Mighty Muse, please accept this humble offering of an LJ entry as I’ve already eaten the chocolate truffle that should have been placed upon your magnificent altar!

Well, I just thought I’d post when I was in a good (if extremely silly) mood for once. Knowing my manic personality, I’ll be (to quote Anne of Green Gables) in the depths of despair tomorrow, so I’ve got to ride these happy trails while I can! Yeeeeehaaaaawww!
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