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New Arrival

Before you ask, the new arrival isn't My Big Fat Medieval AU IV: The Howl of Ye Bakerstreete (though, naturally, I'm still thrilled about it), but a new fridge. This new fridge:

Yeah, I know. Not exactly the most exciting thing ever, though I certainly found it a welcome sight as my old fridge was dying. And see how clean and pristine it is. Mark it well because it won't stay that way for long. Oh, it might last a day or two if I'm feeling particularly lazy, but, eventually, it will be covered with the same junk that graced the old fridge. This includes my magnetic poetry. While many of the words were scattered randomly over the surface of the fridge, I did manage to form some of them into poems -- works that both my mom and a friend found deeply disturbing for some reason.

who would sense this deep blue
water is hard glass
empty & dead

smear shimmering paint on
every mad metaphor
to open our concrete studio
in a raw electric scream
of psychadelic death

I see fiery impressions
fashioned in rigid
aesthetic canvases
wasted junk subject only to
angry absurd thinking
too young for life
but as old as dust

Okay, maybe they're a bit dark, but it's hard to write anything else with the choice of words you're given. I'm actually debating whether I should put the old poems back up or try to write some new material. And, yes, I know it's been less than a week since my last poll, but they're almost as much fun as magnetic poetry:

This poll is closed.

How should I tackle my inner fridge poet?

Put your old poems back up on the fridge.
Write new poems for your fridge.
Find a really good therapist.

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