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It's Frickin' Winter Again...or Maybe It's Pathetic Fallacy

So it's frickin' winter again. I mean, not just because it's February, but because we've got a ton of snow and a serious wind chill. It also took me about two hours to get home (as opposed to one), which is another dead giveaway. I had to wait at the bus stop (a bus stop in remote Markham that didn't have a shelter) for nearly an hour before the bus came -- by which point my hands and feet had gone numb and my girls definitely weren't happy! At least I've stopped shivering. I was getting annoyed at the woman sitting beside me on the bus because I thought she was deliberately shaking the seat. Then I realized it was me.

Perhaps I'm being a touch paranoid, but I'm wondering if this resurgence of winter is some form of pathetic fallacy. It just seems like too much of a coincidence that Toronto would be hit with this on the same day that Stephen Harper officially becomes *gulp* Prime Minister. Is this some kind of sign? My aunt in Victoria says that she only saw light snow coming down in Ottawa during the coverage of the event, so I'm not sure what to think. This can't be some kind of punishment because I'm pretty sure that no one in Toronto (with the exception of my dad) voted for Harper. Hmm...

Oh, by the way, after posting my last entry, I realized that I never gave it a subject. For the record, I probably would have gone with "So My Doctor Thinks I'm a Freak".
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